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Want to go on a motorcycle road trip in the United States?

The United States by Motorcycle: A Biker's Lifelong Dream!

Land of diversity and vastness, the United States is for many the symbol of freedom and the ultimate destination for a motorcycle road trip.

A Destination of Many Facets

More known for its role in global geopolitics and economics, the United States remains a highly sought-after destination. Its main assets? A territory as vast as it is diverse, an area where futuristic cities coexist with expansive, lively wildernesses and numerous places steeped in myths and legends. From New York with its thousands of skyscrapers to Los Angeles with its upscale neighborhoods, to the majestic landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, Death Valley, or Yellowstone National Park, this country is brimming with natural, historical, and technological curiosities not to be missed.

"Holy Land" of Road Trips and Motorcycles

Longtime advocates of mobility, the United States boasts a modern and high-quality road network. This characteristic makes it one of the favorite destinations for motorcycle enthusiasts. Thousands of visitors travel the country's roads and highways every year, especially those traversing the legendary territories of the Far West, including Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and California. A significant portion of motorcycle rentals in the United States is done in these region.

Useful Information and Regulations

Although very popular, motorcycle rental in the USA is still regulated. Both local and foreign travelers are required to obey the laws of the states they travel through, particularly regarding traffic regulations. U.S. authorities mandate having a motorcycle license (and rental companies require it as well to let you rent the bike), except for certain three-wheelers like the Polaris Slingshot, which only requires a regular car driving license (B license). An ordinary driving license using the Latin alphabet and an international driving permit suffice for those over 21 years old. However, laws vary by state, and one must be aware of the requirements specific to each jurisdiction.

Renting a motorcycle in the United States with CoolDrive

Cooldrive, as its name suggests, will accompany you on a peaceful motorcycle getaway on the roads of the United States (USA), starting with the most iconic of them all: Route 66. Request personalized quotes from us, and we will be delighted to inform you and prepare your motorcycle rental in the United States (USA) with you.

Cooldrive Rider is the expert in motorcycle rental in the United States (USA). With Cooldrive Rider, you can escape in complete tranquility while enjoying the best rates and a friendly, quality service. As a specialist in motorcycle rentals in the USA, Cooldrive Rider will offer you the most suitable bike for your needs while benefiting from the current promotions in the USA.

Your motorcycle rental proposal in the USA includes options such as GPS, deductible reimbursement, and other available options to make your motorcycle rental in the United States as pleasant as possible and an experience we hope will encourage you to renew this type of adventure.

We work with the largest American rental companies, and our motorcycles come with insurance with deductible and liability coverage as required in the United States. Given the size of the United States, it is also possible to rent your motorcycle in one city and return it in another (for example, pick up your motorcycle in San Francisco and return it in Los Angeles). Do not hesitate to consult Cooldrive Rider for your motorcycle rental project in the United States, so your project can be truly personalized.


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